Top records in the CS:GO pro scene


CS:GO is turning 10 years old this summer. Over this long period, esports has evolved a great deal: prize funds have grown, the number of top tournaments has increased. The CS.MONEY Blog is here to tell you about the most significant and memorable records of the pro CS scene.

Longest win streak ever

NiP were unrivaled in the early days of CS:GO: the Swedes were among the first to switch to  the game’s new version — and adapted to it in no time. The team holds an unbelievable record: they won 87 consecutive maps in LAN tournaments! That is, all matches over this period ended 2-0. managed to stop NiP at the Starladder tournament: The Bears defeated the invincible squad twice.

Longest match ever

An average match in CS lasts 40–45 minutes. A bit longer in case the game goes into overtime. Sometimes, however, there’s no definitive winner for a very long while. The longest match in CS history took place in 2015, when British clubs Xenex and Excel went head to head at ESL UK Premiership Season 1. On the first map, Inferno, they played 86 rounds! Xenex won 46:42.

The longest Major match was Astralis versus Crazy in Starladder Berlin Major 2019 with a total of 60 rounds. The Danes were victorious with a score of 31:29.

Craziest comeback ever

The finals of the 2015 Acer Predators Masters event was held in a rather unusual format: you had to win four maps to get the trophy. The ones to make it to the finals were Hellraisers and Mouz, the latter with a one-map advantage. And then they won two more. The score was 3:1 in favor of Mouz.

The Hellraisers had no margin for error left, they had to win three maps in a row — and they did.

Самый легкий мейджор

2021 was the year of NAVI. The team won all the LAN tournaments, including a Major. At PGL Major Stockholm 2021, the Yellow-and-Black set a unique record: they became champions without losing a single map. This was unprecedented in the history of the Majors — not even the Astralis era had seen an accomphishment like that.

Over 2021, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev received 8 MVPs, thus breaking Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz’ record. The latter scored 7 awards in 2018.

We’re looking forward to seeing players and teams set new records in 2022.




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