TOP 10 PGL Major Stockholm memes


Memes are the language of Internet whizkids. Since you probably fall into this category, you’ll be able to understand all ten memes about PGL Major Stockholm. Still, just in case you don’t understand something, the CS.MONEY Blog provided a little explanation for each meme. Here we go. 

S1mple’s medals / by u/SantaMariaBBQsauce

The HLTV website awards medals to the MVPs of major tournaments. The record-holder in this respect is device, with an impressive eighteen of them under his belt. However, s1mple is rapidly catching up with him, having received as many as six awards at the beginning of the PGL Major Stockholm. Previously, presenting awards wasn’t possible as there were no LAN tournaments. The result is some funny photos, which the community turned into a meme based on the SpongeBob SquarePants animated series.

Bigger still / by u/RavenHelmet

On the first day of PGL Major Stockholm 2021, the tournament organizers faced a wave of criticism. Actually, this criticism was often justified and well-grounded. Among other things, spectators wanted to see the players better. Initially, the image was small, making it difficult to make out players’ emotions. While the organizers did fix this eventually, the idea that We can go bigger still! forever went down in history.

Team logos revisited / by u/hidendra69

Before the Major started, one of the spectators asked on the game’s subreddit: who’s going to win? The question was accompanied by a picture containing “revisited” team logos — and it’s a regular masterpiece. Our favorite logo from that picture is G2. Turned out, this surprisingly well-hidden prediction couldn’t be more wrong.

Desperate stares / by u/SaxOps1

The Astralis versus Ninjas in Pyjamas encounter was one of the most anticipated matches in the tournament. The reason was a relatively recent transfer of device from the former club to the latter. In the end, the Swedish club was victorious; afterward, the match photographers managed to make a heartbreaking shot featuring desperate stares of the Danish players.

Valve versus stuffed animals / by u/TommyInnit_Official

At the tournament, special restrictions concerning coaches and players were in force. For example, it was prohibited for them to shout after won rounds. All manner of random things were banned as well. Valve even tried to take away the toy mascot from b1t, but NAVI did manage to defend their furry friend. And later, win the Major.

cadiaN on cloud 9 / by u/Dragonstatuebuhl

Members of Heroic are notably characterized by extreme emotionalism after victories. This time, however, cadiaN broke all records. Extra credit for the way the player’s movements match the lighting. Perfect!

Dexter & doors / by u/Ventsii99

Doors have already been the object of esports-related memes several times. Like the killer door responsible for the tragic demise of ropz. And don’t forget about the ancient DOOR STUCK! From now on, the list also includes dexter’s masterful command of the door that he used to inflict an amount of damage.

Paid by rounds played / by u/nxscythelynz

For the duration of the tournament, it was only on two maps that prevented their opponent from scoring ten won rounds. All other matches ended with a dangerously close score. Sometimes, the Bears’ opponents accomplished a score like that from extremely deplorable situations. The meme above focalizes their coach’s despair of realizing that the leading position score-wise would go down the drain on account of the payroll being calculated by the number of rounds played.

apex’ battle cry / by u/JellyBears

It’s not just cadiaN who knows what being exuberant means — apex is a natural in this area too. After defeating Astralis, the French player demonstrated an impressive battle cry that ended up getting on video. And yes, that’s some first-class photoshop material: you don’t see that kind of emotion even in high-profile Hollywood movies!

Time is a flat circle / by u/Apart_End_9753

NiKo must have had a déjà vu experience in the PGL Major Stockholm finals. It’s the second map, his team is leading 15:11, and the victory is within arm’s reach. Just like at the Boston Major. Except at that time, he and his teammates failed to take advantage of the favorable situation. Nevertheless, it was different this time. All the G2 players had to do was not lose five rounds. Or four. Maybe, three. Okay, two. Or at least the last one. Ouch.

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