CS:GO update 10/11/21. Stickers with autographs are in the game!


Valve has released a long-awaited update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive! The changelog includes bug fixes concerning the Molotov cocktail and stickers with autographs of players who took part in the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 playoffs! The CS.MONEY Blog gives you the details on the most recent CS:GO update.


Two Capsules with autographs from the participants of the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 playoffs are now available in the game. The first capsule contains stickers of the Major Champions, NAVI. The second one includes stickers of other playoffs participants. The capsules feature three versions of each autograph sticker: regular, Holo, and Gold.


Both capsules are priced at one dollar, with the clubs and players receiving half of that. 

Music kits

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive now features a new music kit from The Verkkars & n0thing. The kit includes the usual set of songs: music for the MVP, victory in the round, the main menu, and more. Which of the tracks will you opt for? 🙂

Interaction between smokes and fire

Apart from the brand-new content, the patch has fixed one of the bugs related to how the smoke grenade functions. Previously, in a situation where a smoke hit a player standing in fire from an incendiary grenade, the smoke nade went off at the height of the hit, not at ground level. As a result, it was possible to create a “hanging” cloud of smoke in any place.  

From now on, however, the smoke grenade goes off at ground level in this scenario. It’s not entirely clear why it took Valve so long to fix this glitch. Besides this fix, the devs improved the overall stability of the game.


The recent CS:GO update brought changes to two maps, both non-competitive: Insertion II and Extraction. On Extraction, the developers:

  • Updated the center of the map;
  • Fixed the loud door sound;
  • Added a boost from the Ts side to mid;
  • Fixed the windows in the center of the map that were causing the smoke bug;
  • Added breakable glass;
  • Reduced the volume of the helicopter sound;
  • Updated the radar picture;
  • Introduced a number of less significant tweaks.

The Insertion II map received the following edits:

  • The hostage rescue area changed;
  • The issue with weapons falling through the ground in some places fixed;
  • The unbreakable glass from the salad bar counter in the pizzeria removed;
  • Various graphics and collision issues fixed.

Update size: about 200 Megabytes.

Now, PGL Major Stockholm 2021 is finally over. If you missed something about the event, check out our set of articles dedicated to Stockholm Major. And thank you for staying with CS.MONEY!




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