Tier List of CS:GO trophies


Every professional player keeps their grind for the moments of euphoria when the cup is above the head. On the other hand, the trophy is the face of a tournament, and a poorly designed cup can spoil the greatest tournament ever. CS.MONEY Blog created a tier list of different CS:GO trophies.

This is legendary!

We will place only one trophy in this tier — the ESL One Cologne cup. It has everything: remarkable design, the legacy, the history of great tournaments and even one iconic photo of GeT_RiGhT sitting on the floor in the moment of triumph.

Great job!

In this tier, we placed trophies with a notorious design and the potential to move into the legendary tier.

Let’s start with the BLAST Premier trophy. The designers decided to move away from the traditional cup concept. They created it in the shape of the tournament’s logo. It looks solid, stands out compared to other cups, and there are almost all components of success. Unfortunately, BLAST hasn’t hosted a CS:GO major yet, but it will be fixed next year. Who knows, maybe in Paris, this trophy will reach legendary status?

Another great trophy is awarded for first place in Intel Extreme Masters. It is pretty apparent which football trophy was the source of inspiration. The IEM cup looks very similar to European Champions’ Club cup. But this similarity, to be honest, works in two ways. Unlike ESL One Cologne or BLAST Premier Trophies, this one isn’t instantly memorable. What it doesn’t lack, though, is a legacy. 

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Finally, the great trophy is presented to the winner of the ESL Pro League. The league has already gained some history, and the trophy looks fresh. The concept is interesting and unique, while the trophy is easily recognizable. The designers did a great job!

Good trophies

Let’s start with the trophy of a tournament that ceased to exist. ECS has been done for quite some time, and the trophy didn’t reach iconic status despite its non-ordinary concept and great design. It is sad to recognize since that cup wouldn’t get lost in esports museums.

Another good trophy went towards Luminosity Gaming, who won the MLG Major Championship: Columbus. MLG took a creative approach to design. The shield with the tournament logo is placed on several Kerambits, and, to be honest, that looks cool. The base of the trophy, however, lacks something. Nonetheless, it is a good cup!

Doesn’t stand out

ELEAGUE decided to create the trophies according to their distinct style guide. You see it, and you immediately think of ELEAGUE. However, this minimalistic design lacks something to be memorable. You don’t feel the greatness behind it. It is a solid yet ordinary trophy.

If we talk about some non-ordinary trophies, the major in Stockholm had it. PGL made an interesting concept, however, it lacks something. The idea of PGL letters as the cup base is worthy of praise, but it doesn’t feel like a CS:GO Major trophy. Second part of the promo code: SV4.

Funny thing, for the Antwerp Major, PGL decided to create a cup in a different style. While the trophy presented to Na’Vi looked promising but not ideal, this one seemed too safe. 

Didn’t work

For the Berlin Major, StarLadder created an interesting visual concept. The scene was unique, and visually the trophy ideally suited it. The idea was great, but its practical realization wasn’t that good. The electronics in the trophy looked great on the screen, but if we get a closer look, that illusion disappears. The fact that electronics dropped out pretty soon after the award ceremony became the «icing on the cake.»

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