The most popular stickers of the PGL Major Stockholm 2021


Over a month has passed since NAVI’s triumphant PGL Major Stockholm 2021 final. The dust has settled and so have prices on the market. Today, the CS.MONEY Blog is going to tell you about the top 5 interesting team and player stickers from the year’s main tournament.

The Entropiq anomaly

Sticker Entropiq

Many stickers drop in price as their number on the market increases. There’s also a continuing tendency for Gold stickers to be more expensive than regular, Foil, or Holo stickers. However, Entropiq doesn’t seem to obey the laws of the market!

The Greens’ brilliant play was second to none. Their match versus Heroic, who were really close to making the tournament’s finals, was truly spectacular: Hooch & co destroyed the prominent Danes in the Mirage decider with a score of 16:4. Then in the main part of the tournament, Entropiq annihilated the other semifinalists, Gambit, on Vertigo. Their great play and mysterious logo created the high demand for the team’s stickers.

A gun with a green buttstock and forearm would be a great match for this sticker.

CS.MONEY recommends: the AK-47 Emerald Pinstripe Minimal Wear, $10.

Classy rebranding by MOUZ

Sticker MOUZ

Let’s move on to one of the most expensive Foil stickers. A poor play, but a passable result in PGL Major Stockholm: departure from the group with a score of 1-3… Evidently, the price doesn’t represent the squad’s performance.

Following the trends of minimalism, MOUZ recently rebranded its logo, replacing the expressive mouse with a minimalistic emblem executed in a vibrant red. A shade like that blends nicely with many weapon finishes and looks quite appealing on its own.

A red sticker requires a red skin! CS.MONEY recommends: the M4A1-S Cyrex Minimal Wear, $15.

Copenhagen Flames burning bright

Sticker Copenhagen Flames

Copenhagen Flames didn’t just show decent play in the Major, dropping 2-3 out of the group as they did, but really impressed the analysts with their command of the map Ancient. Nevertheless, it wasn’t just the great performance that contributed to the amazing sales of the stickers.

We can’t but mention the phenomenal design of their Holo stickers: the logo’s flame became a beautiful bright orange, transitioning to gold. The sticker bears an unbelievably strong resemblance to its more expensive Gold counterpart. If you want to save some money, go for the Holo option — you won’t regret it. Plus, a sticker like this will match not only gold and yellow guns but numerous other bright shades.

Among the many orange weapon designs, one of the most sought-after is Atomic Alloy. CS.MONEY recommends: the M4A1-S Atomic Alloy Minimal Wear, $23.

The decline of Evil Geniuses

Sricker Evil Geniuses

The legends who dropped 0-3 out of PGL Major Stockholm, Evil Geniuses didn’t exactly impress their fans and management with their play. The tournament was something of a sunset for the roster, as reflected in the design of the team’s Holo sticker.

If you look closely, you can see the pink-and-red sunset on the left side of the logo. The symbolic sticker looks great on a whole variety of guns: purple, blue, and even black skins would be great. 

This dark-red transitioning to purple looks amazing with purple skins. CS.MONEY recommends: the AWP Lighting Strike Factory New, $330.

Boombl4’s love confession

Sticker Boombl4

Let’s now talk about player stickers. Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhailov was the first CS:GO player to propose to his girlfriend after winning a Major. He’d probably planned the whole gesture long before PGL Major Stockholm. 

There are hearts instead of the two o‘s in his nickname. Most likely, they reference Kirill and Leekie’s relationship. Mikhailov’s overwhelming motivation led to a long-awaited triumph: without losing a single map, NAVI defended their status as the world’s top-1 club, and the captain made a historic marriage proposal. A story with a happy ending!

Kirill often uses an MP9. Let’s pick a skin for this submachine gun. CS.MONEY recommends: the MP9 Bulldozer Minimal Wear, $80. That’s the one Boombl4 plays with!

Memeable Jame

Sticker Jame

Dzhami “Jame” Ali found a simple way to popularize his autograph: he made it a meme. The result: his Gold sticker has become one of the most popular on the market.

With his well-calculated playing style, Ali created a meme: when the last standing player on the team decides to save the AWP, it’s often called “JAME TIME.” The playoffs and the decent performance against Heroic not only delighted the squad’s fan base, but also contributed to the popularity of the captain.

For a while, Dzhami performed with the classic AWP Asiimov.

CS.MONEY recommends: AWP Asiimov Field-Tested, $88.

JaCkz’ dense style

Стикер JaCkz

It’s not exclusively teams that demonstrate a penchant for minimalism — some players are sticklers with a minimalistic style as well. Audric “JaCkz” Jug made it to the finals with G2 and, even though his stats are far from perfect, he got a pretty eye-catching autograph for the community.

Audric sought to make the design of the sticker as conspicuous on a gun as possible. Jug wrote the nickname in as dense and legible a handwriting as possible so that the user wouldn’t have to strain their eyes. The trend is relevant: it’s either stickers from famous players or ones that are clear and recognizable that strike a chord with the community.

The autograph goes excellently with many white and red weapon finishes.

CS.MONEY recommends: CZ75-Auto Red Astor Factory New, $1.

Нож cadiaN’а

Sticker cadiaN

Unlike some other players, Casper “cadiaN” Møller used the Karambit knife in the design of his sticker. He probably did it because the curvy blade somewhat resembles the first letter of his nickname. It was with this very knife that he made his first frag in the most important clutch of the ESL Pro League S13 final. Then, after winning the 1-v.-4 round, he brought Heroic their first significant trophy in 2021.

Source: YouTube-channel HiddeN

In the PGL Major Stockholm, cadiaN made it through the group stage after a rather chaotic Challengers stage and was one step away from the final on the decisive map against G2: Inferno. Great performance and a memorable sticker to perpetuate it. Well done, Casper!

To achieve his victories, Casper often utilized the P250.

CS.MONEY recommends: P250 Supernova Factory New, $1.
So these were the most interesting stickers of PGL Major Stockholm teams and players. Check out 10 facts about the year’s biggest tournament and our Stockholm inventory. And stay tuned: the CS.MONEY Blog won’t let you get bored.




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