Workshop highlights: best skins of November


In October, the Workshop witnessed an influx of skins for the Dreams and Nightmares contest — and survived it. Once again, we rummaged through artists’ works that lay claim to getting included in the game. And we managed to find quite a few worthy candidates. Sit back and enjoy this post by the CS.MONEY Blog, where we’ll show you five badass skins that appeared in the Workshop in November.

Desert Eagle POP PUNK

There are already lots of blue finishes for the Desert Eagle. For instnace, the Desert Eagle Night Heist or the Desert Eagle Cobalt Disruption. However, there are as yet no Deagles successfully combining blue and shades of red. The Desert Eagle POP PUNK can fix this. 

M03H, the creator of this design, opted for a black background and drew over it a blue pattern with a wing and an arrow. This he complemented with skulls and a heart in red and pink. 

Moreover, the skin features many small details. For instance, there’s a white “No entry” inscription on the handle. A masterpiece that definitely deserves a place in the game.

AK-47 Hellhound

The AK-47 Hellhound is a result of collaboration between LittleRanger and Graff. This AK is somewhat reminiscent of the AWP Containment Breach. The drawing consists of three skulls enveloped in flames. As the background color, the artists chose a pastel blue-green shade.  

By the way, on the same page in the Workshop is a variant of the same finish with a reduced amount of violence. Instead of skulls, we get creepy hellhounds this time. It’s impossible to say which version is cooler. Make your own mind and tell us in the comments which of these two options you think would make a better addition to the game.


After the M4A1-S buff, the M4A4 lost the lion’s share of its former popularity. Pros quickly abandoned the rifle without the silencer (with the exception of NAVI’s B1T, that is). Even for the Dreams & Nightmares contest, one could submit a skin for the M4A1-S, with no room at all left for the M4A4

One way to pay a tribute to the M4A4 rifle is to release a fisish for it in the upcoming case. For example, the M4A4 DARK RAVEN by SLIMEface. Interestingly, this work surfaced in the Workshop back in 2017, but it wasn’t until November this year that its creator updated the page. The skin is awesome and begging for a slot in the next case.

P250 Floppy Disk

Kr1zer‘s work isn’t the first to utilise the floppy disk esthetics. We have already published a Glock-18 skin in the same style on our Instagram. The P250 Floppy Disk would make a great competitor for the P250 Cassette. In an attempt to convey the vibes of a floppy disk in a gun, kr1zer used the weapon’s geometry. The floppy shutter traveled to the slide, with the sticker for notes placed on the handle. By the way, the inscription on the handle refers to the date the Aztec map was removed from the game

Too bad skins can’t change the sounds weapons produce. Nowadays, enthusiasts can use the sound of the floppy drive to create actual melodies. Just imagine if every shot from the P250 Floppy Disk was a note of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive title theme!

P90 Burnout

The last skin on today’s list is the P90 Burnout, executed by dublvi and Justmau5. The idea behind the skin perfectly encapsulates the typical gameplay with this gun. The countdown is over, so hurry up and dash straight to the nearest site. Nevertheless, this combination is not the only advantage the skin boasts.  

We can also single out the funny logo and that drawing of a car in a cloud of smoke that’s nothing short of mesmerizing. No, seriously, a picture like that could well be the cover of the next Need for Speed installment. Further credit goes to the numerous small details. Bottom line: a high-quality design that deserves the Covert status. By the way, the last P90 skin from this category of rarity dropped back in 2014. Maybe it’s time to add a new one, Valve?

Valve has revealed that over fifteen thousand entries have been submitted to the Dreams & Nightmares contest over the span of three months. That’s over a hundred and a half skins a day, and the flow of skins in the Workshop is far from over. If you don’t want to miss any exciting stuff, subscribe to our mailing list. With it, you’ll always get the finest selection of cool posts from our blog!




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