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There’s no underestimating the role of the anchor player in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. A good anchor player is able to prevent the enemy team from capturing the site, securing their team’s victory in the round. So here’s a special inventory from the CS.MONEY Blog. Weapon finishes from this set will make your frags both more effective and doubly spectacular. Besides, this loadout will spice up anchor player’s common boring moments deprived of action. Here we go!

What’s an anchor player?

First and foremost, let’s define the role of the anchor player, as different from other roles in the game

As the term itself implies, anchor players are supposed to come to the plant site and stay there, dropping a metaphorical anchor. Their task is simple: hold the site to the last minute and keep out the opponent. 

The responsibilities associated with the anchor’s role come bundled with yet another issue: loneliness. This fact has become something of a meme in the community: often, the anchor at, say, B Site has to spend the entire round in one spot. Alone. Without any action. All you can do in this situation is to inspect the best skins from your inventory. Weapon finishes are exactly what we’re going to talk about right now. 

USP-S Kill Confirmed

There are a lot of cool skins for the standard defense pistol, but we settled on a classic: the USP-S Kill Confirmed. A dark-red background, a skull with fangs, and a bullet whose flight stretches over the entire gun. A brilliant design that perfectly conveys the mission of the anchor player role: to frag rushing Ts. The more kills, the better!

We suggest that you opt for the USP-S Kill Confirmed Field-Tested. This skin is three times cheaper than its Factory New counterpart. Moreover, there are almost no scratches or scuffs. 

Desert Eagle Mecha Industries

Even after its mini-nerf, the Desert Eagle is still a pocket annihilator, capable of sending the enemy to the spawn area in a matter of seconds. A true king among pistols.

Desert Eagle Mecha Industries is a great futuristic look. The white-and-black elements are nicely accentuated with red accents, with the “fake window” on the pistol grip completing the overall picture. This skin goes wonderfully well with stickers — show your imagination and customize it to suit you.

Adding this Deagle finish to your inventory won’t cost you a lot — the item isn’t particularly expensive. However, you can save some money if you go for a Minimal Wear copy. Don’t worry about scuffs: you’d require a microscope to see them.

MP9 Mount Fuji

While the USP-S Kill Confirmed emphasizes the importance of frags for an anchor player, the MP9 Mount Fuji encapsulates the very spirit of the role. In addition to being a symbol of prosperity, Mount Fuji is considered the divine protector of Japan. In like manner, an anchor player must be indestructible, like an ancient mountain. 

The MP9 Mount Fuji is a brand-new weapon finish: it dropped in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive along with Operation Riptide. The eleventh operation is already considered to be the year’s biggest event in the game, so we definitely recommend experiencing it. And be sure to experience playing with the MP9 Mount Fuji — adding it to your inventory is a must.

MAG-7 Justice

You don’t often see shotguns used in competitive matches. The applications of this weapon class are extremely limited: the high damage and low effective kill radius force you to play point-blank. Normally, it’s exactly the anchor player who can afford a luxury like that. After all, what other role is so well suited for ambushing?

The most popular shotgun is the MAG-7, its low price and devastating power making up for its niche nature. If you play with shotguns too, check out the MAG-7 Justice. It’s a chic Tarot-styled design from 2Minds Studio. In the classic Tarot deck, the Justice card is the senior arcana. In its direct position, it signifies — among other things — the responsibility you should take. Sounds very much like the anchor player’s role, right?

M4A1-S Guardian

A truly versatile skin: you might have already seen it in our selection for PGL Major Stockholm fans and in the silent defender’s inventory.

The dark-blue look is decorated with only two elements: a CT logo on the magazine and inscriptions on the silencer. It looks simple yet stylish. Another advantage of this design is that you can decorate it with almost any sticker combo. Apply a couple of stickers — and your skin gets a different look. Awesome. 

Since the skin isn’t that expensive, we recommend looking for Factory New or Minimal Wear specimens if you’ve decided to get an M4A1-S Guardian. Thing is, any scratches on the dark-blue background would be very conspicuous in-game. That said, you’d better not skimp too much on this gun.

Huntsman Knife Gamma Doppler

Operation Riptide has expanded the range of knives the game offers. For example, it brought us the Gamma Doppler coloring for the Huntsman Knife. It’s an incredibly beautiful blade. On top of that, the Huntsman Knife is a relatively large knife, and the shimmering of the Gamma Doppler design looks nothing short of gorgeous on it. When there’s no action happening, it’s the go-to item to inspect. Just don’t overdo it the way some pros at the BLAST tournament did 🙂

Driver Gloves Lunar Weave

A badass pair executed in black and pastel blue. The design of the gloves is completed by the diamond pattern on the back of the palm. We chose this pair for two reasons.  

First, the pastel blue color goes well with the M4A1-S Guardian — the rifle you’ll see most often on the screen. Second, the dark inserts are a perfect match for the other skins in the collection. As a result, Driver Gloves Lunar Weave looks great on its own and would make a mesmerizing addition to the above-mentioned skins.

The anchor player’s role is exclusive to the CTs. After all, attackers have nothing to defend! However, the Ts can try on other roles. We’ve already built the sniper’s ultimate loadout, with the support and the lurker inventories coming up soon. Check the CS.MONEY Blog regularly to make sure you don’t miss our upcoming fantastic skin selections. Probably, you’ll find some cool finishes and add them to your inventory 😉




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