Rob Santa with CS.MONEY: event details


Christmas is right around the corner, which means Santa’s secret vaults are now chock-full of presents! Join the CS.MONEY gang and rob the most famous bearded man in a red suit.

Not everyone has been well-behaved enough this year to get a gift from Santa, have they? Chances are, you’ve been spending night after night playing CS:GO to get your rank up, ignoring your parents telling you to go to bed on time, isn’t that right? Regardless, everyone wants to get a present. And everything’s going to change this year!

We invite you to join the Bad Santa Gang, a team of bad guys who are also waiting for great Christmas surprises. Get your friends and take part in the CS.MONEY Xmas Robbery, where you’ll get to rob Santa’s mega-secret vault! Participate in the event, upgrade your inventory, and join the giveaway featuring the best prizes ever!

Event terms

A raid on Santa is a serious business. Perimeter reindeer guards, cunning elves in the bushes everywhere, electric garland fences, and gingerbread mine traps… Clearly, it’s a full-buy scenario. Here are the terms for participating in this New Year’s Eve event.

To get into the Bad Santa Gang, you’ll need to add 5 bucks or more to your balance on the website. That’s it, you’re in. Everyone who adds at least $5 to their balance gets into the first-stage pool of the skin giveaway participants. The larger the sum you deposit, the better prizes you can get. Our whizkid programmers made sure that all top-ups sum up for the duration of the event, so you can add funds in multiple payments. There are five stages you can take part in:

  • A $5 top-up will allow you to enter the first stage, where 125 prizes for a total of $1,500 are given away;
  • A top-up of $10 gets you in stage two as well, with 90 more prizes worth $1,200;
  • Top up $20 — and you’ll qualify for the third grade, which offers 60 prizes worth $2,000;
  • The fourth grade: $50. You take part in four stages at once, featuring 30 prizes for $1500;
  • A top-up of $200 immediately unlocks the 5th grade. 

Prizes add up! Once you add $10 to your balance, you automatically participate in the first and second stages. The same applies to all grades. A top-up of $200 allows you to take part in all 5 stages at once.

All told, there are 325 prizes, meaning your chances of getting the coveted gift for Christmas are extremely high! And as for the cash you added to your balance, you’ll definitely find something to spend the money on, won’t you?

And don’t forget to follow CS.MONEY social networks. There, can not only find out the latest and most important info regarding the event but also participate in other activities, which may bring even more gifts.  

Topping up your balance

To add funds to your CS.MONEY account, you only need to take a couple of simple steps. First, open the site itself and log in to your account. Odds, you are OK as it is, but just in case: you need a second-level account with Steam Guard enabled. 

Second, proceed to top up by clicking on the plus sign in the upper right corner or by selecting the icon with bills in your inventory on the left. After that, the top-up window will appear. First, you must decide on the amount: choose one of the suggested options or enter the amount manually. 

The next step is to select the payment method. We support bank cards and a whole bunch of payment systems like PayPal and Neteller. The last step is even easier. Just leave your phone number or email to get confirmation of the transaction. You’re done!

So many skins. What do I opt for?

Want to join the raid, but don’t have any ideas for your inventory? No problem. We post skin selections on a regular basis. For example, we recently covered skins for the Major champions and picked up a bunch of badass weapon finishes for GTA protagonists. Check out the CS.MONEY Blog more often, and you’ll always have plenty of ideas for your skin collection! And as part of the CS.MONEY Xmas Robbery, we’ll definitely suggest some more amazing skins you can spend the money on! Stay tuned to our blog!

Make sure you visit our CS.MONEY Xmas Robbery event page. It always has all the info, rules, and prizes at your fingertips. Besides, its design is nothing short of beautiful to encourage you and your friends to get together for the Bad Santa Gang.




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