Collecting a set of 5 famous skins priced at $100


A CS:GO holiday, PGL Major Stockholm 2021, is a perfect reason to add some of the most famous skins to your inventory! And this set will only cost you $100! Learn to buy skins like a G.O.A.T. from CS.MONEY blog.

Someone might spend $100 on one single skin. Someone else would prefer to fill their inventory with weapon finishes for all the guns there are in the game. We settled on the middle option and are going to show you the top 5 skins for the meta guns you can buy for $100 if you use all our bonuses. 

The meta guns include:

  • the Glock-18;
  • the USP-S;
  • the AK-47;
  • the M4A1-S;
  • the AWP.

So you decided to do some shopping and added a hundred bucks to your CS.MONEY balance, receiving a nice bonus of 40-45 dollars on top of that. Your balance now accounts to $140-145 dollars. Let’s go get those bargains!

Glock-18 Neo-Noir Field-Tested

Let’s start with an item whose price doesn’t exceed the $30 threshold.

A true fan of CS:GO should probably have at least one Neo-Noir look in their inventory. 

A Glock-18 Neo-Noir Field-Tested will cost about $18 in Trade mode. It complies perfectly with both of our requests, so let’s add it to cart.

P.S. Don’t forget that to buy stuff, you can use both your balance and skins from your inventory!

USP-S The Traitor Field-Tested

Again, let’s try to stick to our limit, while still choosing something luxurious. 

Whether old or new, items by the 2Minds studio basically define luxurious. Operation Riptide brought us several juicy devices by these guys. And a little earlier, another one dropped that fits both of our conditions: that’s the USP-S The Traitor Field-Tested.

To get this beauty, you’ll have to fork out about $27 in Trade mode. Not bad at all — we bought the two main pistols and spent less than a third of our budget!

AK-47 Legion of Anubis Field-Tested

Anubis. Do you remember this map? While many believed it would make it into the competitive map pool, it wasn’t eventually the case. Now, you can’t even play it in casual official matchmaking. Nevertheless, the game still features a weapon finish evocative of this awesome map: the AK-47 Legion of Anubis.

What’s so special about it? First, it uses the Ancient Egyptian style — its esthetics is very uncommon among the game’s skins. Second, it’s a fantastic base for stickers, and you can easily find a specimen with ones. This combo looks awesome, and you get to save money on stickers into the bargain.

M4A1-S Hyper Beast Field-Tested

After the M4A1-S buff as part of the CS:GO update, players opt for the silent M4 almost 10 times more often than for the M4A4 at big events like IEM Fall 2021. High time to pick a popular skin for a popular weapon!

Choosing the option for our selection was easy. Hyper Beast skins are great — there can be no two ways about it. Plus, it’s the M4A1-S that boasts the most room for a drawing. A Field-Tested skin like this costs about $35-36. A great price for such an outstanding design. 

AWP Redline Field-Tested

To unleash the full power of the AWP, we need something that’s both as legendary as a Hyper Beast item and affordable. We didn’t have to look too long.

Just like Hyper Beast skins, the Redline items have long been among the community’s most celebrated favs. A regular living classic. To get an AWP Redline Field-Tested, you’ll have to part ways with around $38 off your CS.MONEY balance. Not so much for a skin that’s been used by FalleN and Xyp9x!

Let’s go over our expenditures. After we added $100 to our balance and received another $40 as a bonus, we managed to purchase five of the most popular skins for the most popular guns. Not bad at all! So if you’ve been meaning to build an inventory or upgrade your old skins, now’s the time. 

A small reminder: the CS.MONEY website has a subscription. If you’re interested in trading skins, be sure to check it out. It gives you a whole bunch of perks both in Trade and Store modes. The ultimate tool for a skin mogul!

Why is it even possible? Because we’ve increased the permanent top-up bonus on CS.MONEY to 40%. There can be no better occasion to upgrade your inventory!

The event & a new bonus

From September 23 through October 21, we held an event where you received a 40% top-up bonus in Trade mode on CS.MONEY. If it was the first time you were adding funds to your balance, you received an extra 5% bonus. That’s a combined 45% bonus in Trade mode. From now on, this bonus will be permanent!

There’s been a change in the Store as well. The 20% discount that was always valid in the Store has been increased to 28.6%. And if you have a Prime subscription, which you can get by signing up in your account on CS.MONEY, the deals are now even better, with a total discount of 31% for you to enjoy.

Sounds good, right? That’s what we thought too. And so we decided to keep the increased bonus. Now, there’s no reason to wait for the next event: add funds to your balance right now and go gear up!




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