Ten Best Souvenir Skins In CS:GO


While IEM Rio Major is in full swing, many Viewer Pass holders are pretty disappointed with endless upsets from the favourites to ruin people’s pick‘ems. The diamond major coin works both as proof of your CS:GO and its competitive scene understanding and as a tool to get maximum souvenir tokens.

CS.MONEY Blog decided to remember the most beautiful and fabulous-looking souvenir skins throughout the Majors’ history. Some are almost impossible to find, while you can claim others through souvenir tokens.

But these skins can always be searched in our new section – Market.

Covert Skins

Out of all souvenir weapon finishes, only five are covert. You may say they’re in their league.

AWP Dragon Lore

Dragon Lore skin is the most legendary souvenir gun and the sole reason Cobblestone souvenir cases are the most expensive. Right now, de_cbble is not in the competitive map pool: it was replaced by Vertigo in March 2019. We don’t know if this map will be back any time soon, but we know that Dragon Lore will become even more legendary and costly with time. It is worth noting that this AWP is the only covert weapon finish that can not be obtained through the IEM Rio Major souvenir tokens. Despite the low chances, it is possible to get other covert skins.

AWP Desert Hydra

After Cobblestone left the competitive map pool, AWP Desert Hydra stepped in as the most prestigious souvenir sniper rifle. This skin is a part of the 2021 Mirage Collection. That’s why you can get it from souvenir cases of three last CS:GO Majors. Choose the match played on Mirage and test your luck. First part of the promo code for GameChanger Hub: 2W4.

AK-47 Gold Arabesque

Gold Arabesque is a stunning weapon finish, especially considering that the souvenir gun goes with four golden stickers. They suit each other ideally and will become eye candy for every player. Like Desert Hydra, this golden AK is obtainable through souvenir cases from Stockholm, Antwerp and Rio Majors. You need to choose a match played on Dust 2 instead of Mirage.

M4A1-S Imminent danger

This urban-styled weapon finish differs from all other covert skins. Nonetheless, you can get one from the last three Majors’ souvenir cases—no surprises since Vertigo was introduced to competition only three years ago. Claim your souvenir token on a match played on a skyscraper for a chance to get it.

M4A1-S Welcome to the jungle

We don’t know how much Guns’n’Roses and their famous hit influenced the creator of this weapon finish, but we feel the symbolism of it belonging to the Ancient Collection. The green map with old Aztec vibes appeared in the competitive map pool less than two years ago, so you can get this assault rifle only through souvenir cases from PGL Stockholm, PGL Antwerp and IEM Rio Majors.

Classified skins

It would’ve been too easy for us to list five covert skins and finish an article. Classified souvenir weapon finishes are more common, so you have a few options. Here’s how we list the best five classified skins. 

SG 553 Integrale

This weapon finish was inspired by a legendary rally car and is undoubtedly an eye-catcher. Arguably the best skin of the 2018 Inferno Collection. Since Valve did not update it in 2021, the amount of CS:GO Majors to have souvenir cases with this assault rifle is larger. Integrale is obtainable through Inferno souvenir cases, starting from the London Major. Second part of the promo code for GameChanger Hub: KWV.

M4A1-S Control Panel

The biggest prize of the 2018 Nuke Collection is available in souvenir cases of the last six Major tournaments. Control Panel is in the same position as the aforementioned rally-car assault rifle, yet, unlike Integrale, this M4A1-S is not that eye-catching but combines well with stickers. Control Panel has a higher potential for some remarkable crafts.

M4A1-S Masterpiece

We couldn’t stay away from the seventh active map in the pool. If you love Overpass, you might want to get this skin. It is worth noting, though, that due to availability since 2014, this weapon finish has a vast price range. A Battle-Scarred rifle costs around $60, while guns with great float numbers would cost more than $1000.

Desert Eagle Fennec Fox

Tired of assault rifles? Let’s talk about pistols instead. Deagle Fennec Fox is excellent both for golden stickers and non-trivial craft ideas. This animal lives in the 2021 Mirage Collection, and you can get it out of souvenir cases of the last three CS:GO Majors.

M4A1-S Knight

Started with Cobblestone, now ending with it. M4A1-S Knight is shadowed by Dragon Lore, which is quite symbolic. Nonetheless, these black and golden patterns look great together. CS:GO traders and players will appreciate this beautiful weapon finish with a minimalistic design, while its rarity is a pleasant bonus.

The first souvenir case appeared in CS:GO long ago: in 2013. Since then, the system has changed. Previously, you could get a souvenir case by watching the games live. Now it is available only to Viewer Pass holders. However, there is one more way to obtain souvenir guns: you can visit special marketplaces.

For example, ours: CS.MONEY Market. It has simple rules, quick trades and lots of different offers. You can easily find most of the skins in this article, and obviously, there’s more for you to choose from. Check it out to trade or buy whatever you want! 




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