Skulls and demos: Halloween skin selection


Who said you can dress up for Halloween in real life only? Adding some Halloween-style skins to your inventory sounds like a good idea! Besides, you’ve got the All Hallows’ Eve loadout by CS.MONEY blog in front of you. So pick one or several finishes. Let’s go!

Selection criteria

On the occasion of All Hallows’ Eve, characters from The Big Bang Theory notoriously dressed up as Thor and the Doppler effect. While those outfits are certainly interesting, we decided to go for a more classic theme: the undead. The presence of zombies, witches, skeletons, vampires, and other ambassadors of the otherworld was the main criterion for including weapon finishes into our Halloween selection.

M4A4 Desolate Space

Let’s start dressing up for Halloween with the M4A4. Our pick for this gun is the M4A4 Desolate Space. However, the choice wasn’t easy at all, as it has an awesome rival: the M4A4 Tooth Fairy. While both the skeleton and the monster are amazing, we eventually settled on the former. 

Are you intending on buying this beauty? Then take a closer look at the Field-Tested copies. They are three times cheaper than the Factory New counterparts and only get very few scratches as the float increases. If you decide to complement your inventory with a Tooth Fairy, we recommend that you go for the Minimal Wear condition.

AK-47 Cartel

In the media, Mexico’s Day of the Dead is often set beside Halloween. However, this is a misconception: the two holidays have very different histories. In any event, the Mexican holiday does feature costume parades, just like Halloween. 

The magazine of the AK-47 Cartel is embellished with one of the classic Day of the Dead items: a painted skull. Skulls lurk on other parts of the rifle too. The skin is also covered in beautiful paintings and floral patterns. Is this engraving chic! Since the skin isn’t particularly expensive, we suggest purchasing a Minimal Wear version of the skin.

AWP Acheron

Just like in the case of the M4A4, finding a suitable skin for the AWP proved a non-trivial task. There were several items on our list of possible picks: Oni Taiji, Mortis, Acheron, and Exoskeleton. Each of these finishes fits our criteria perfectly. Moreover, they’re in about the same price range, so just pick one for yourself.

If you’re too lazy to make your mind, the AWP Acheron is an excellent choice. The skin is decorated with a handful of skulls with radioactive contamination signs. Thanks to the neutral color scheme, it goes well with almost all stickers, providing tons of customization opportunities.

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And now, let’s get back to our Halloween loadout.

MAC-10 Curse

Skeletons and skulls aside — another typical representative of the undead is a zombie. Surprisingly, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive features a disturbingly scarce number of skins with living corpses. One of the items in this rare theme is the MAC-10 Curse

Even though the drawing on the gun is relatively simple, the dead man looks most memorable. It’s remotely evocative of the skeleton on the USP-S Cortex. The skin isn’t very pricey, but we still advise saving money and grabbing a Minimal Wear specimen. The float growth isn’t noticeable visually.

MP9 Food Chain

The gun finish to conclude our skin set is the MP9 Food Chain. One of the most recent skins for the Ts SMG, it defines vivid. The intricacies of the food chain, which constitute the theme of the image, are fantastic eye candy material. However, the monsters only bear a distant resemblance to the undead. 

Because the pattern is so incredibly bright, it was difficult for us to choose stickers for it. Suggest your own version of a MP9 Food Chain craft in the comments section. Maybe you can create a regular masterpiece.

Hand Wraps Cobalt Skulls and Talon Knife Doppler Phase 2

Now that we’re done with firearms, the next item on our agenda is a pair of gloves and a knife. By the way, did you know that if you have a knife in your inventory, you’re probably good at CS:GO? We did some research, and turns out, players who own badass skins tend to perform better. Check out the stats yourself!

Our knife pick is the Talon Knife Doppler Phase 2. It’s all about the purple hue of the blade. This color often stands for the mystical or even nightmarish. For instance, it was purple that drove the characters in A Color Out of Space crazy. Bottom line, it’s just what the doctor ordered for Halloween.

Choosing the gloves was child’s play. A bright blue pair of Hand Wraps Cobalt Skulls adorned with skulls makes a perfect addition to today’s selection.

So, which skin did you choose to celebrate Halloween? Tell us in the comments section. And now, let’s go and enjoy some PGL Major Stockholm matches! 🙂




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