Inventory of Major champions: SK Gaming 2016. Unique AWP with 160k frags & MAC-10 with a golden autograph.


Did you know that Dota 2 features Natus Vincere items? Or that you can buy a G2-style skin for your agent in Rainbow Six Siege? In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, however, there are no inventories of any particular team, unfortunately. The CS.MONEY Blog is here to right this wrong. We decided to assemble team loadouts to honor legendary Major champions.

To build our first set, we rummaged through the inventories of the teams that won MLG Major Championship: Columbus 2016 and ESL One: Cologne 2016: that’s the Brazilians Luminosity Gaming/SK Gaming. We selected two skins* from each player’s collection. Let’s roll!

*In case you want to complement your inventory with some items analogous to the Brazilians’ unique finishes, we’ve multiple attached links to our platform throughout the article

Major champions inventory: SK Gaming 2016

Coldzera’s two pistols

Two-time Major MVP, two-time MVP of the year: if there is a Brazilian CS:GO superstar, it’s doubtlessly Marcelo “coldzera” David. Even today, five years later, coldzera is still in great shape, annihilating enemies by the score. We’ll start our selection with two designs from his inventory. The first is a souvenir Tec-9 Red Quartz from The Train Collection. Coldzera flaunted this device at ESL One: Cologne 2016. The choice is superb, although the price of the souvenir doesn’t exactly define budget-friendly.

One more skin from coldzera’s collection: USP-S Kill Confirmed. A regular classic among USP-S finishes. Even though this skin looks great in any condition, we suggest that you go for a Field-Tested specimen at the very least. You wouldn’t want to mar such unparalleled beauty with scratches, after all.

FalleN’s knife & AWP 

Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo is deservedly considered one of the key figures in South American esports. Even though he defends the colors of a club from another region now, his name will always be associated with the Brazilians’ breakthrough in competitive CS:GO.

Among other things, Gabriel owns an amazing sniper rifle and a fantastic knife. The StatTrak™ AWP Redline caught our eye for two reasons. First, there’s an impressive 167,069 frags on the counter! Second, the skin comes with the “CONFIA NO VERDADEIRO” tag, which translates as “Trust the Truth.” Talk about fabulous skins.

One item that goes great with the AWP is the Butterfly Knife Crimson Web Factory New, which we spotted in the Brazilian captain’s inventory as well. Too bad this knife doesn’t have a frag counter or a tag with a philosophical message, but the blade looks awesome regardless.

Fer’s loadout: marble & pitch-black night

Fernando “fer” Alvarenga has twice entered’s top 20 players of the year. In 2016 and 2017, he ranked 15th and 3rd, respectively. 

In his inventory, we opted for a pair of gloves and a Glock-18 skin. Let’s start with the latter. Back at MLG Major: Columbus 2016, fer used a souvenir Glock-18 Night in-game. Naturally, the gun had stickers signed by the player applied to it. After we examined the Brazilian pro’s possessions, we found quite a few souvenir skins among them, so it’s actually something of a trend.

A pair of Specialist Gloves Marble Fade will make another great addition to any collection. Fer is the embodiment of a sharp dresser. He’s got as many as four pairs of gloves in his inventory. He probably picks them depending on the mood. 

Fnx’ red souvenir

In the late 2000s, Lincoln “fnx” Lau met FalleN. That moment marked the beginnings of “that very” Luminosity Gaming line-up that made the Brazilians Major champions twice. At MLG Major Championship: Columbus 2016, they prevented Team Liquid’s s1mple from reaching the grand final by making two comebacks. But let’s leave history behind and get back to our skins.

Among the contents of Lincoln “fnx” Lau’s inventory, we found a souvenir MAC-10 Indigo. The usual skin from The Cobblestone Collection boasts four ESL One Cologne 2016 (Gold) stickers. And those aren’t just some stickers: the MAC-10 with fnx’ golden autograph dropped during the G2 Esports v. SK Gaming match.

The second finish is the M4A1-S Hot Rod. Over his career, fnx has made a total of 833 frags with this weapon. It’s Brazilian’s third most used weapon.

TACO’s dark looks

Concluding today’s Major champions set is a pair of skins from Epitácio “TACO” de Melo’s inventory. Let’s see what treasures we can find among the possessions of the youngest player in the renowned Brazilian squad.

TACO’s first skin is the MP9 Dark Age from the same The Cobblestone Collection. It may not be a souvenir specimen like fnx’s MAC-10, but it’s still embellished with an SK Gaming sticker and autographs by coldzera and TACO himself. The (Foil) stickers and the gun’s dark color are a great combination.

We’ll finish the selection with the StatTrak™ AK-47 Redline. We would’ve probably chosen a different skin, but the AK-47 has something in common with FalleN’s AWP. There’s a frag counter with thousands of frags recorded and a “Tacada” nametag. Can you guess how it’s translated? Write your guess in the comments, but don’t use a translator. 

Right now, we can only dream about championship sets. It’s not like Valve is going to introduce those anytime soon. Still, that’s no reason to stop making selections like this one. Stay tuned for more inventories of Major champions! In the meantime join CS.MONEY Major Hub, follow all the news from Major, participate in the challenges and, win cool prizes! Here’s your promo code for 2000 coins JMY9OOGK — you can exchange it for presents. Search for more promo codes in the Major-related articles on CS.MONEY Blog. Good luck!




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