What’s Float Value? Do CS2 Skins Wear Out?


Each skin in Counter-Strike 2 looks unique, and we’re not talking about designs right now. There’s one parameter that directly affects every skin’s appearance: Float Value, also know as Wear, FV, and float. Do skins wear out in CS2? Can you manipulate float? What types of wear/float are there and how does Factory New differ from all the others? CS.MONEY Blog tells you everything you need to know about float and wear of CS2 skins.

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What is Float Value in CS2?

Float, also known as wear rate, is a special parameter that determines how worn-out, scratches, damaged or dirty your skin looks in CS2. Float Value is ranged from 0 to 1. Indeed, CS2 has some unique skins with extraordinary ranges like 0 to 0.80, but that’s not an often case. So, the higher your Float Value is, the more worn, scratched, or dull the skin is. Low Float Value means Good Looks and vice versa. You can take a look at a picture below to learn how each of the Float Types look like on an example. One more time, let’s focus on the main thing: the higher the wear value, the stronger the wear effect appears on the skin.

CS2 has five types of Floats/Wear:

  • Factory New, FN: from 0.00 to 0.07
  • Minimal Wear, MW: from 0.07 to 0.15
  • Field Tested, FT: from 0.15 to 0.37
  • Well-Worn, WW: from 0.37 to 0.45
  • Battle-Scarred, BS: starting from 0.45

You can see the level of wear/float in a skin’s card even at CS.MONEY. Float is also indicated in the lot’s title. And Float Value can be observed not only visually but in numbers when inspecting a skin in CS2. To do this, select a skin from your inventory, right-click, and select Inspect. After that, at the bottom of the screen, find a circled letter i and hover the mouse over it.

Does float change over time? Do skins wear out?

Each and every skin in CS2 gets its Float Value or Wear when created, that is, when it’s dropped or crafted. New skins appear in the game most often under three circumstances:

  • Weekly Drop
  • Case Opening
  • Trade Up Contracts

Regardless of how you got the skin and what is the Float Value of it, this indicator only when a skin is created and that’s it. Float cannot be changed. No actions, whether playing with the skin, exchanging, selling, applying stickers, or others, affect Wear/Float. Once again: Float Value applies to a skin when it’s created and it never changes.

What is the meaning of Float Value and how can you use it

Float Value has several uses. The first and most obvious is simply how the skin looks. Thus, Float Value will also affect the rarity of the skin. Most skins have a wear value between 0 and 1, which means that two-thirds of all skins will be Well Worn or Battle-Scarred, and only 7% of CS2 skins are Factory New. Obviously, FN skins look better and are less common, which means they are much more expensive. Take for example this M4A1-S Nightmare from the picture above: depicted in FN, it still can have a wear from 0 to 1. Its most clear and clean items cost about 60-70 dollars, while the most scratched and worn cost about 10 bucks. That’s 6-7 times!

Float Values are also used in Trade Up Contracts. In case you didn’t know, you can exchange ten skins of one rarity type to get one of a higher rarity. We described how these CS2 contracts work in a separate guide. TL;DR: Float Value can affect how good the skin from the Trade Up Contract will be.

Let’s sum it all up. Each skin in CS2 has a wear rate aka Float Value. It can be in the range from 0 to 1, or part of this range for some skins. Wear/Float affects how a skin looks. High Float Value number mean Worn Out Skins. Low Float skins look as new and cost a lot more. Float/Wear is assigned to a skin when it is created and cannot change under any circumstances.

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