Skins Not Supposed To Be In CS:GO!


Author: Valery Dragunov

Mistakes are inevitable even in the most intelligent systems, but sometimes imperfections can become unique features! CS:GO is an excellent example of it. In terms of variety, its in-game item market is unrivalled. Although there are skins whose existence is a misunderstanding… or is it better to call them exceptions?

CS.MONEY Blog talks about some unusual CS:GO skins that shouldn’t exist!

Float value reflects a skin’s wear grade and is usually limited ​​between 0 and 1. For some skins, the limits are shifted. For example, a limit from 0.06 to 0.80 is typical. But today’s topic is Exception, so… 

Nova Polar Mesh and Nova Predator

On April 3, 2017, Steam Database witnessed a Nova Predator with a float of 0.05999999, while its possible minimum can be 0.06. This tiniest piece of 0.00000001 took the weapon finish beyond the possible realm!

Predator’s float and registration date on csgoexchange

This one-of-a-kind Consumer weapon finish instantly gained the attention of unusual skins fans. It travelled through the inventories of three significant collectors. And REDDER, a famous YouTuber, even dedicated a separate video to buying this skin for $770.

A collector found another Nova with the same float and a 0.06 lower bound on the Steam marketplace in November 2020. A week later, they sold the Polar Mesh skin for $2420.69. The new owner considered it unique enough to be decorated with gold autographs worth $4.000.

Polar Mesh lot on csgofloat
Polar Mesh float and registration date 

So why were these two skins able to overcome the float limit? Let’s delve a little into theory and numbers. The value is rounded to 9 digits after the dot when viewed in-game, but third-party sites show the full version of 20. Because of the rounding in the menu, the game treats both Nova’s float as 0.06 and allows them to exist. Promo code for GameChanger Hub: EVZYVF.

R8 Revolver Bone Mask

The story behind this gun is different from what we told you above. R8 Revolver Bone Mask is available only in the Bank collection, which has not been played in any major tournament. Despite this, the skin exists as a memento from DreamHack 2013. Most likely, due to a bug in the code.

This is why you can get such a map-collection R8 from the DH 2013 souvenir set. At least six of these Bone Masks exist, two with Minimal Wear and four as Field-Tested.

Moreover, the Bone Mask MW lot’s description on the Steam Marketplace states that the item dropped during a game between Astana Dragons and [R]eason Gaming, which is wrong since the Revolver wasn’t released at those times.

2015 is famous not only for introducing R8 but also for the CS:GO skin duping era. Previously, Steam Support would restore items of scammed users. This didn’t mean that the item was transferred from the scammer’s account to the former owner, as the support agent simply duplicated it manually. Thus, we have twenty-six StatTrak M4A4 Howl FNs with the same float! Dupe times!


But, well, these are just regular and expensive skins, right? Nothing extraordinary about the restored copies. Unlike the vanilla “no-star” Karambit and Flip Knife. When duplicating them, a support agent made a mistake and, without realizing it, creating unique items. Unlike ordinary knives, they do not have the ★ icon in the title and as well as the characteristic purple font colour and frame. No float and pattern, too, as both are set to 0. Even though the minimum float limit for these vanilla knives is 0.06.

A simple human error gave way to these Karambit and Flip Knife items, making them unique collectables as they should not exist in the game. They even have separate lots on Steam, thanks to which we know about three purchases of Karambit: $165, $162 and $312!

People tend to make mistakes, so it’s natural to happen with CS:GO. The system can only try to reach perfection, yet they never make it. There’s always a bug, a leak, or a simple inattention to give birth to unique items. And skin collectors will be there instantly to pay thousands of dollars. Skins that shouldn’t exist make the world of CS skins amazing and even more enjoyable.

Steam Marketplace, by the way, lacks many rare skins, so you won’t be able to tell how much they cost. But at CS.MONEY Market has several unique items for sale you can’t find on Steam! Head out to investigate. 




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