CS:GO Update: New Stickers!


The January 28 night update contains a number of improvements to the game. From now on, CS:GO will better handle the situations where one or more players leave the team.

The game now also features some new stickers!


Valve have released team stickers of the strongest lineups in the RMR Tournament Series 2020. Even though the fall Major never took place last year, the stickers were divided into three capsules: Legends, Contenders, and Challengers. 50% of the proceeds from the stickers will go to the organizations.

Changes to Elysion:

  • Fixed unintended boost jumps at A Site.
  • Fixed pixel walks on the clocks, lanterns, door hinges, the glass wall, and at the lower center area of the map.
  • Improved clipping of the roof, paintings, gray pillars, and various walls.
  • Fixed the gap in the center wall at the bomb plant site.
  • Fixed the acceleration spot that could previously be used to jump to the top of the waterfalls.
  • Removed the ability to jump onto the lantern above the table. 

Other Changes:

An additional reward of $1,000 per round has been introduced in the Competitive and Wingman modes if a team has fewer players than the enemy for three or more rounds. However, this rule doesn’t apply if the missing player has been removed through voting.

Additionally, the Competitive and Wingman modes now have a two-minute technical timeout period triggered automatically when a player gets suddenly disconnected. The pause stops immediately after the player reconnects or refuses to continue playing in the menu.

Ping info now contains the name of the locations as well.




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