Top 5 maps CS:GO for training


What is “training” in CS:GO? It includes practicing nade throws, movement, and, of course, shooting. And while the game’s developers haven’t created any practice modes, some map-makers from the Workshop have. The CS.MONEY Blog chose the best maps for training in CS:GO.

Practicing aim: training_aim_csgo2

Training_aim_csgo2 is a legendary map that all CS:GO veterans definitely know. Literally everyone used to warm up and train on it, beginners and professionals alike. There simply were no alternatives. But the map is popular even now.

What do you have to do? In short: shoot at targets. You can go farther away or get closer, or change the targets’ diameter. Quick mouse movements will help warm up your hand and aim at the enemy’s head. After practicing on this map, you’ll enjoy much better control of your aim.

Practicing aim: Fast Aim/ Reflex Training

It’s a rather minimalistic map: simple textures and just one mode. You have to stand in the center of the map and shoot the bots that are running from all sides — and that’s it.

Why is training on this map effective? Because you can start and just shoot away, spinning around in all directions and mastering your mouse movements. Even though the map offers no records or challenges, you can come up with some of your own! Something along the lines of 1,000 bots over a certain amount of time.

Practicing aim: Aim Botz

ЕщеAnother old and probably the most popular map for aim training is Aim Botz. The community loved it for the astonishing number of settings: everyone can make their training session unique. You can choose how bots will move — stand still or run, — add obstacles to the map, enable the mode where you only shoot at the heads, or give bots Kevlar.

The map also features a popular challenge where you need to make 100 frags as fast as possible. It turns the practicing session into a real challenge.

Thanks to the variety of settings, you’ll never get bored on Aim Botz. By regularly training on this map, you’ll bring your to a new level.

Practicing prefires, movement & aim: CSGOHUB

The name of the map contains the word “Hub” in it for a reason. This location truly has it all: training with bots (which you can naturally customize), practicing prefires and even Bhop, as well as honing your surf and kz skills (movement training).

It’s convenient when one map offers the opportunity to train several aspects of the gameplay at once. And you don’t have to go to the menu every time.

Practicing prefires, aim & nade throws: maps by Yprac

Map-maker Yesber created a huge number of Yprac maps, encompassing some competition pool maps and popular locations from the past (Cache), where you can practice throws and prefires.

One of the most popular maps in the series is the Yprac Bots Trainer. Just like on Aim Botz, here you can customize bot behavior. For instance, you can make the bots rush instead of standing stil — or tweak the speed of their movement. One more curious trick: it’s possible to place bots at different heights, so that you have to move the mouse not only horizontally, but also vertically.

Yprac Recoil Trainer is a map on which you can hone your spraying skills. You’ll see the perfect recoil pattern, and next to it your own pattern. Besides, you can test your reaction: as soon as the red rectangle changes to green, you need to shoot.

Yprac Aim Trainer is an improved version of training_aim_csgo2. Here, you also need to shoot at targets. The advantage of this map compared to the classic one is the possibility to adjust everything to your own needs and train individual aspects of shooting. For example, you can train flicks or shooting at moving targets.

So many maps — which one to start with? The best one is the Yprac Bots Trainer and the nade throw maps. The other two aren’t essential — rather, they are optional.

There are multiple maps for training in the Steam Workshop. We have selected those that we think are the best. By constantly practicing on these maps, you’ll surely improve your level of play.




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