CS:GO Skins we desperately need


The Counter-Strike series has always evolved thanks to its community — the game itself appeared as a fan mode for Half-Life for a start.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is no exception, greatly supported by the community as it is. Talented creators release new maps, stickers, and skins in droves. CS.MONEY is here to elaborate on the latter.

We went through the Workshop, the place where everyone can upload their skin for the public eye, and selected the coolest specimens.

P250 Holo Spectacle

For a long time, there were no skins with a holographic effect in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They only started to appear in the game quite recently and there are still unbelievably few of them. However, we did find in the Workshop the wonderful P250 Holo Spectacle.

This skin combines the relative simplicity of design with bright shimmering holographic patterns comprised of triangles. For the iridescent glow not to distract you from the gameplay, it only occupies the bottom of the skin. That’s why the P250 Holo Spectacle won’t interfere during a shootout and will unfailingly please the eye when viewing it.

Skin is created by MultiH, the author of SSG Mainframe from the Fracture Case. Check here our interview:

Famas Born of Fire

Only 24 skins have been released for the FAMAS so far. Very few indeed, with only the SCAR-20, the G3SG1, and the SSG 08 having fewer. But FAMAS is much more popular than these sniper rifles! Born of Fire can make a great addition to the existing variety of looks for this French rifle.  

Just like the P250 Holo Spectacle, this is a relatively simple skin in terms of design. Dark gray background, flames on the body and its silhouette on the butt. The magazine is decorated with diagonal stripes. Simple yet stylish!

AK-47 Diesel Power

While a holographic effect implies a change of colors, artists seem to change the very geometry of the weapon with the help of normal maps. The wording is “seem to” for a reason, because actually, normal maps only create the appearance of changes and this illusion is broken if, for example, you attach a sticker to the gun. 

The AK-47 Diesel Power is one of the coolest skins in the Workshop among those that focus on taking advantage of normal maps. Thanks to those maps, the creator of the skin managed to “strip” the AK-47 and show its stuffing in the shape of various wires, with cavities reducing the weight. Unfortunately, this skin didn’t pass the CS20 contest criteria and is unlikely to appear in the game.

AWP Dragon Tale

The AWP Dragon Lore is a legendary skin. For many years, it was the most expensive and coveted skin in the game. The image on the sniper rifle echoes the wall mural on Cobblestone in many ways. The AWP Dragon Tale is both a reference to and a parody of this skin. The skin is based on the child’s drawing on Overpass.

The creator of the image has successfully reprocessed and rethought the original material. He managed to rework it in such a way that the formidable AWP turned into a children’s toy. There’s currently a lack of cute skins for this rifle in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with only the AWP PAW more or less falling into this category. That’s why the AWP Dragon Tale can make a worthy addition to the next case.

Btw, check here all the cutest skins ever:


And since we’re talking about cases, another skin worth mentioning is the AK-47 CASE, whose design was inspired by the Danger Zone case. It’s hard to believe now, but there were no skins or cases as such when Counter-Strike: Global Offensive had just been released. In fact, there weren’t even some weapons we have today, like, for instance, the USP-S! 

Today, however, the number of skins amounts to hundreds, and the number of cases to dozens. Still, too little attention is paid to the latter. The AK-47 CASE fixes this. It’s is a beautiful skin executed in a color scheme of gold and red. The creator didn’t forget about small details either — on the side of the rifle, you can see the logo of the Blacksite map, the first map to support the battle royale mode. 

Valve, since the game already features the AWP Wildfire, which is dedicated to the operation, maybe you should release this skin as well?

Tell us in the comments what skin you liked the most!




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