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We often face the fact that scammers try to trick our users and steal the inventory. Yes, the world is not perfect, and there are many scammers in the Internet, who each time manage to come up with a new way of dishonest earnings.
That's why we developed the CS.MONEY Antiscam extension. Our goal is to ensure the security of our users' data.
Here's what you need to know about the app:
Protection from fake sites. We have created a huge database of scam sites that copy our site. If a user visits a website that is added to our blacklist, he receives an indication that this is a scam site.
Protection from API key scam. If the user has an API key generated and logs in CS.MONEY, he receives a warning that he is in danger, because scammers could own his data. You will also be asked to completely clean your account from the scammers by changing your password, revoking the API key and creating a new trade-offer link.
Live analysis. Despite a large database of scam sites, a new fake site appears every week and we may not be aware of it. If a user visits a site that is a copy of CS.MONEY, our live analysis blocks all actions and gives a warning that this is a scam site.
Found a new scam site - let us know! We have added an ability for our users to report scam site. All reported site will be moderated and then added to our database.
Looking ahead, we will answer your questions:
Will you steal my items?
Our extension haven’t got any access to your inventory or Steam account.
Is there a mobile version?
You can use our extension only on the PC version of Google Chrome.
Will you collect my personal information via the extension?
Our extension is Open Source. Any user can find out what and how we do. Also, in order to be added in Chrome Web Store, we have passed a strict Google moderation. The main goal of our extension is to ensure your safety and it's all free.
Why do I need this extension?
Even advanced users can be scammed. Our extension will help protect you from the most common methods of scamming.
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