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If you have selected several items from our bots for a trade, the items are most likely on different bots. In this case, you will receive the first trade with one or more items from one of the bots. When the first trade offer is accepted in Steam, the other bots will send you a trade for the rest of the items.This is due to Steam's 7 day trade lock system. We couldn't send you all the items in one trade because the items will be blocked by Steam for 7 days after we send them to our bot.
Also there might be some trade locked items in your trade offer. After confirming the trade for a trade locked item, it will appear in your virtual inventory on the website. There is a timer on the item itself that indicates when you can withdraw the item in your Steam inventory.
After the timer expires, you can withdraw the item by pressing the gamepad button in the bottom right corner of the item card.
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