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In the Store, you purchase items only for real money in a separate payment and can’t use the balance on the site. All items will have a 23% discount . It could be opened by clicking on the «Store»‎ button in the main menu of the site.
You can get the desired items on our website it two ways:
Trade . Here you can use both the balance and the items from your inventory. Unfortunately there is no way to get a 23% discount, but you can always get the 30% bonus to balance replenishment.
Store . Here you can buy any desired items from our website through direct money payments which are processed by the merchants. Using that method Item`s cost becomes 23% less.
There is no way to combine the 30% bonus and 23% discount or use your balance in Store. There is also no difference in those modes in terms of profit – the amount of money you use is absolutely the same.

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