Top-5 training maps


One of the advantages of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive over other shooters is its Workshop. Talented community members have already created hundreds of maps for individual training. CS.MONEY selected the very best of such maps!

Aim Training: training_aim_csgo2

The ability to make a sharp headshot or shoot an accurate burst of fire is one of the most important skills a good player must possess. Training on maps with targets or bots or playing deathmatches helps to aim more accurately. Among maps with targets, training_aim_csgo2 is particularly popular.

This map looks like a real shooting range, only with bright-orange walls. All kinds of weapons as well as fine adjustment of the firing line are accessible while training. The player can set the distance to the target, the frequency of target appearance, and track the progress on the scoreboard. 

Training on this map will help you control the movement of your crosshairs much better. In the process, you can easily adjust the sensitivity of the mouse, which is another cornerstone of honing your aim skills.

Aim Training: Aim Botz – Training

You can consolidate your progress by training with bots. On Aim Botz – Training, you can both shoot at virtual dummies and finely adjust the training process. The player can manage the bots’ equipment, their movement, obstacles, and many other parameters.

The random settings mode deserves a special mention. It allows you to quickly switch the mode and really shakes up the routine of the training process. Pro eSportsmen will appreciate the challenge mode, which will certainly make you sweat.

Recoil Control Training: Recoil Master – Spray Training

Almost all weapons in the game exhibit a recoil effect after a burst of three or four shots, with each gun having its own recoil, always the same. If you study its trajectory thoroughly, you can shoot long bursts of fire with high accuracy. The Recoil Master – Spray Training map can really help you with this.

On this map, the player can adjust dozens of parameters: the type of target and the distance to it, weapons for training, marks from hits, and many more. The training itself is conveniently divided into fire bursts. After each burst, a notice appears on the screen with the number of shots and their accuracy. 

A nice detail: when you select a gun, you’ll be able to see the recoil pattern above the target that shows the trajectory of mouse movement while spraying.

Training Pre-Fire and Nade Throws: Yprac Practice and Warmup

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, maps have quite simple geometry. That’s why there are popular spots on each map that are constantly occupied by players during the match. If you put your crosshairs in the right place beforehand, and then go out and shoot — you can pre-fire. 

This is the most effective trick for a shootout. However, you’ll need to train pre-fire for each map individually. Fortunately, the Workshop already has special maps reproducing the competitive map pool. You can find them by searching “Yprac Practice and Warmup Mods.”

Yesber, the creator of these maps, has made an excellent simulator for training pre-fire and other game tricks, such as nade throws. On each of these maps, you can select a separate training course for each kind of grenades. After you do so, a selection of the most important and essential grenades in the game will launch. 

And how do you train? Do you use the maps from the Workshop or do you play deathmatches and regular matches? 




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