Family Plays: CS:GO Co-op Maps For Thanksgiving


In case anyone missed it, people can play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive not only in matchmaking. In addition to the usual Dust 2 Rush B madness, you can play a death match or, for example, try out the 2v2 in Wingman mode. Or, you can play cooperative CS:GO maps with friends or family! CS.MONEY Blog offers you five maps that are best enjoyed with company.

Insertion II

CS:GO is a team-based shooter requiring players to communicate and cooperate to achieve victories. However, in regular matchmaking games, cooperation, at best, tends to exist on the brink of “flash this” and “drop an AK”. But if you have a whole stack of soulmates, try playing a map CS:GO already had once. Insertion II is the most unusual hostage map of recent times. Drop by Oskmos’ Workshop and add it.

This map has two features. First, it’s enormous. Insertion II is an extensive map with many covers, vertical spots, and other terrain features. It’s simply interesting to study it, let alone play it. Second, there are four starting positions: each round is somehow different from the previous one thank to such an RNG idea.

Insertion II is a great map that can be played with up to 10 players, but it’s similar enough to a typical CS:GO hostage evac map, so it’s easy to get started. Completing this one is approximately equal to a regular match duration, 45 minutes tops.


Let’s jump straight into space from a winter map. Coop Mission Astro, a map created by CTX, Props and Brightness, takes place in the cosmos. In addition to an inconvenient environment, this map stands out for its complexity, cutscenes, and various types of gameplay. Remember: it’s a co-op map for several players at once, so you can spend a couple of hours completing it. It’s both a map and a game at the same time.

Why did we choose it? Coop Mission Astro, one of the best cooperative CS:GO maps, is designed only for co-op gameplay, no solos. Team up with someone; available for two to eight players. This map can take you up to two hours or even more. To add to this, checkpoints here allow you to pause the game and continue afterwards whenever you want.


Moffein’s Headquarters will bring the Payday vibe if you are familiar with these game series. A group of players will have to break into a skyscraper to hack the server room and steal some important information. Not an easy task: there are cameras all around the map, and getting noticed by one will bring a ton of police officers immediately to kill you.

You can play this solo, but the mapmaker recommends completing it with friends, three to five people at once. Based on your chosen actions, it can take ten minutes to half an hour to finish the map. Moreover, Headquarters also has its characteristics. Each player can choose one of four available classes, it has stealth mechanics and several paths to reach the server room. So, you can try different styles and ways to do it!

Coop mission western

It’s a pity that in the ten years of CS:GO’s existence, Valve has never held an event in the Wild West style. After all, the game has everything: bandits and cops, revolvers and shotguns. The only thing missing is a Winchester. But this issue has been fixed by CTX and Jarro again. Together, they created Coop Mission Western.

Available for up to ten players, the mapmakers recommend a company of 4-5 people for a ride to the Wild West. In 15 minutes, an average time to complete this map, you can participate in all the main activities of that era: a saloon crossfire, escaping the city on horses, and even an attempt to rob a train. Note: Coop Mission Western is pretty heavy, so FPS drops are possible.

Coop Adventure Map

Coop Adventure Map, created by BaLTa$aR, offers an adventure in three episodes. The map itself can be completed alone or with up to five friends. As part of the adventure, players will have to solve riddles, parkour around, and even drive vehicles. Thirty minutes to complete all three parts.

CS:GO Workshop contains more than skins. There are a lot of amazing mapmakers who have filled it with tons of good content, from zombie modes to hide-and-seek stuff. Therefore, we recommend you to gather your friends and play some co-op. It’s simply fun! This is a great way to dilute the usual matchmaking pubs and have quality time for a few evenings.




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